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Zealogics Partners with Schellman to Offer Holistic Technology and Attestation Services

Zealogics, a leading technology solutions provider, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Schellman, a global leader in cybersecurity assessment services. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment, bringing together the expertise and capabilities of two industry leaders to deliver an integrated and exceptional client experience.



A Blend of Expertise  

Schellman’s extensive experience in audit, attestation, and compliance assessments harmonizes perfectly with Zealogics’ steadfast commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions. This strategic alliance promises to redefine the landscape by seamlessly integrating certification services with cutting-edge technological capabilities.  

Empowering Businesses for Success  

This partnership is set to empower our clients with a wide array of competitive advantages. From bolstering customer trust to ensuring business continuity and progression, and fostering a secure and forward-thinking environment, Zealogics and Schellman offer a wealth of benefits. Clients will experience the collaborative strength of this partnership, assuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements while gaining access to advanced technological solutions that drive operational excellence and maintain a competitive edge within their respective industries.  

Words from Zealogics’ Founder and CEO, Jacob Mathew:  

“Our partnership with Schellman represents a shared commitment to excellence and strongly aligns with Zealogics’ mission to cater to the evolving needs of our valued clients.”  

Michael Parisi, Head of Client Acquisition at Schellman, adds:  

“We are excited to join forces with Zealogics as it empowers us to provide tailored solutions that directly address the unique compliance and technology challenges our clients face. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value while continuing to exceed client expectations.”  

The strategic partnership between Zealogics and Schellman promises to usher in a new era of innovation and compliance in the realms of cybersecurity and technology solutions. With our combined expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, clients can anticipate a future where compliance and cutting-edge technology coexist seamlessly, offering unparalleled advantages in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Stay tuned for the exciting developments to come from this dynamic collaboration. 

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About Schellman 

Schellman stands as a leading global provider of attestation, compliance, and certification services. Operating under two distinct entities, Schellman & Company, LLC (a top 50 CPA firm) and Schellman Compliance, LLC (a globally accredited compliance assessment firm), the organization offers a comprehensive range of services. These encompass acting as a CPA firm, an ISO Certification Body, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor Company, a HITRUST assessor, a FedRAMP 3PAO, and being among the pioneering CMMC Authorized C3PAOs.  

Renowned for its professionals’ expertise combined with practical experience, Schellman delivers superior client service while upholding steadfast independence. The company’s approach fosters successful, long-term relationships, enabling clients to achieve multiple compliance objectives through a single trusted third-party assessor. For further information about the services provided, please visit schellman.com. 

Schellman Contact 

V2 Communications   


About Zealogics

With roots dating back to 2012, Zealogics holds dual expertise in global engineering and advanced information technology services and is shaping the future of innovation. Our team brings creativity and agility to every project resulting in measurable and enduring transformation. We serve diverse industries such as public accounting, banking, finance, energy, manufacturing, mobility, oil & gas, and retail. As Zealogics Inc., we specialize in tailored innovations that transcend industry boundaries, harnessing data analytics, AI, and IoT to bridge the gap between traditional engineering and leading-edge information technology.  


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