Our Managed Support Services are tailored to meet specific business requirements and skill sets, providing flexible 24×7 support ranging from basic monitoring to advanced data engineering. We ensure your IT operations run seamlessly, allowing you to focus on core business objectives with confidence.


Driving Business Transformation with our Managed Services

Our services are designed to transform business operations and optimize core business focus through a value-led approach. With our expertise, we help businesses unlock their full potential by delivering comprehensive solutions that align with their strategic objectives. Partner with us to achieve meaningful results and enhance your business operations for sustainable success.

Why Choose Zealogics for Managed Services

Our expert team takes care of your IT infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, proactive monitoring, and round-the-clock support. With our comprehensive range of services, you can focus on your core business while we handle the rest, delivering peace of mind and enabling your success.

Explore Our Comprehensive
Range of Services

Hybrid Support Model

Optimize operations with our Hybrid Support Model, tailored for managed services excellence.

Managed Service Model

Unlock business potential with our  Service, ensuring seamless operations and strategic growth.

Application Support Model

Elevate your application's performance, delivering excellence and user satisfaction.

Flexible Model

Unlock efficiency with our Flexible Model, tailored to adapt seamlessly to your evolving business needs.

Streamlined Services Empowering Your Business

Our Managed Support Services are tailored to meet specific business needs, providing customizable support ranging from basic monitoring to advanced data engineering. We offer 24×7 assistance, covering ITIL process-based services, complex bug fixing, and critical application support in various business domains such as Telecom, Finance, and Manufacturing. Our strategic resource planning and continuous improvement drive adherence to SLAs and KPIs across L1, L1.5, L2, and L3 support levels.

Platform Support

Beyond developing and implementing Modern Data Platforms, we provide customizable Managed Support Services to ensure a smooth solution operation for your users. Tailored to your business requirements and skills, our offering covers up to 24×7 support, spanning all levels of operational support, from basic Level-1 triage to advanced data engineering.

Production Support

We offer comprehensive production support, encompassing Tier 2 and 3 support, SLAs, enhancement/application development, and capacity services. We ensure the seamless operation of applications, systems, and infrastructure, providing proactive and efficient solutions for optimized performance, minimizing disruptions, and enabling businesses to focus on their core operations with confidence.

Technical helpdesk

Our Technical Help Desk provides multi-tiered support, ranging from L1 Help Desk for resolving basic user issues to L3 Help Desk handling app issues at the code level and advanced infrastructure-related problems. With prompt and expert assistance, we ensure seamless operations, addressing a variety of technical challenges and requests to accelerate your business efficiency for a smooth digital experience.

Customer Support

Enhance your customer experience through our comprehensive Customer Support solutions. We provide proactive solutions and personalized assistance, ensuring seamless interactions and satisfaction at every touchpoint. Our support spans 24×7, 8×5, and 24×5, covering complex bug fixing to deliver unparalleled customer service.

Ticket Management

Efficiently manage and resolve issues with our Ticket Management services, ensuring a streamlined process for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving incidents to optimize your business operations. With our Ticket Management services, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a rapid response to issues, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Complex Bug Fixing

Addressing intricate technical issues and bug resolutions with precision and efficiency to ensure a seamless and reliable user experience. Our dedicated team specializes in handling complex bug fixing, providing swift resolutions to intricate technical challenges and enhancing overall system stability. With a focus on complex business-critical application support, we ensure optimal performance and reliability for your critical business processes.

Driving Innovation Across Varied Business Domains

Elevate your business with our Managed Support Services, providing industry-focused solutions for 24×7 support, intricate bug fixing, and strategic resource planning.





Let's create something innovative with our Managed Services

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