Revolutionize your ride with our automotive services – from cutting-edge design to precision engineering, we drive innovation on every road. Explore a world of excellence, where innovation meets performance, making every drive memorable.

Innovations in Automotive Services and Technology

Next-generation mobility demands for improved in-vehicle driver experiences with integration of different domains, such as the efficient autonomous vehicle navigation, Internet of Things (IoT), connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, safe & secured network, and personalized cabin experience.

How We Can Help You?

Having worked with some of top automotive OEM’s., Zealogics has developed deep expertise in In-Vehicle driver experience and would be happy to collaborate.

Interior and Exterior Trim Design

Our ability to offer top-notch services is made possible by the fact that our core team has OEM work experience in Interior & Exterior Trims.

  • Instrument Panel 

  • Seating systems

  • Centre console

Our Key Offerings

We offers end to end support right from Concept, Detail Engineering, DFMA, CAE simulations, Optimization, Compliance to Regulations ECE, FMVSS using CAVA, work with supplier to develop & validate parts.

Design & Detail Engineering

In-house IC development: from definition to physical layout and embedded system design. 

Simulation & Optimization

Excelling in silicon design, development, industrialization, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Safety Regulation

Custom ASIC manufacturing for complete production and supply control.

Create amazing Automotive Services with us..!

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