Client Success Story

Invoice Data Extraction


Digital Transforamtion 

The prebuilt AI model for invoice processing captures important invoice data to aid in automating the processing of invoices. The invoice processing model is optimized to recognize common invoice elements such as the invoice ID, customer details, vendor details, ship to, bill to, total, tax, subtotal, line items and more. In addition, the prebuilt invoice model is trained to analyze and returns all the text and tables on the invoice.

Client Challenge

A retail chain with multiple stores receives a high volume of invoices from vendors for products purchased. Previously, the invoices were manually processed and entered into the accounting system, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the manual process made it difficult to track and analyze the data, the ability to make informed decisions.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Customer Benefits: Zealogics’ AI Builder streamlines invoice processing for a retail chain. It extracts invoice data and exports it to a centralized database or Excel sheet, with an alert system that notifies of any errors. This solution reduces errors, improves efficiency and streamlines the invoice processing in accounting and finance processes of the retail chain.

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