Client Success Story

Introducing: A Cross-Platform Recipe Setup and Optimization Tool



This tool, known as the Cross-Platform Recipe Editor, is designed to revolutionize the process of setting up, fine-tuning, and submitting jobs on wafers or with recorded images across legacy machine types. Its primary objective is to provide a consistent and user-friendly interface, ensuring a uniform “look and feel” across these diverse platforms. Furthermore, it offers an optimized recipe workflow that caters to both on-tool and off-tool applications, making it the ultimate solution for efficient and unified recipe management and optimization.

Client Challenge

Uniting the code across different products presents multifaceted challenges, from harmonizing technologies and features to ensuring data integrity, scalability, and regulatory compliance. Effective change management is key for a seamless transition while supporting legacy systems.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Our development team played a pivotal role in the unification of code through this platform, ensuring a seamless user experience across various machine types employing different frameworks, including WinForms and WPF. Furthermore, it enabled the sharing of code, allowing users to create and edit recipe parameters effectively as a standalone process. We made certain that the user interface aligned with the design objectives and operated efficiently by integrating legacy GUI into the common recipe editor platform, complemented by simulation services.

This is a staging enviroment