Client Success Story

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Digital Transforamtion 

In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by our client in Implementation of AI capabilities to handle document processing


Client Challenge

Support Team, daily deals with a high volume of various contents as Customer service emails, Financial reports, Engineering documents, Job applications etc. resulting in longer response times and potential delays in resolving customer queries and leads to delays in accessing critical information. They seek a solution to efficiently manage and generate quick outcome to serve the customers.

Ideal Solution Proposed

Zealogics team significantly enhanced customer support operations, providing timely and accurate assistance to its customers while optimizing resources and improving overall customer satisfaction. By leveraging the capabilities of the Generative AI , Zealogics significantly enhances the employees & customer support experience by developing custom Natural Language chatGPT like experience which offers Summarization of large financial reports, Q&A with documents, Chatting with tabular reports, Autonomous agents, Automated Resume screening, Automated chart/report generation through chat etc.

This is a staging enviroment