Client Success Story

CAB Tracker


Digital Transforamtion 

In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by our client, who sought to enhance the Proto Build process for system integrators. The use of legacy communication tools like email and Excel had been causing delays, reducing efficiency, and hindering transparency.

Client Challenge

Our client faces a significant challenge due to a multitude of stakeholder verification, validation, and approval processes that are currently extending the implementation time for their prototype well beyond the established deadline. This delay is primarily attributed to the reliance on legacy communication models such as email and Excel, which introduce considerable bottlenecks into each stage of the process. The use of these outdated tools not only slows down the pace of work but also hampers efficient tracking and real-time alerts. Consequently, the existing system is highly limited in its capacity to deliver results within the desired timeframe and with the necessary transparency and accountability.

Ideal Solution Proposed

The CAB Tracker was built on SharePoint Online platform. The CAB application was developed to guide the actions and interactions of people, organizations, and functions while facilitating the tracking of status and approvals of material, tools, and procedures required for the new Sequence Build and Upgrade.

CAB is a systematic methodology to manage the configuration from Plan to Actual Prototype Build or Upgrade. CAB allows users to partially sign off the materials to continue the flow of the process. MS Flow is used to notify the users about their actions on scheduled intervals.

This is a staging enviroment